The Work of Yoselin Saucedo


Mexican Boy

March 2020

A compelling story about Yoselin searching through her identity as an Afro-Latina and what that means as she raises her non-black Mexican child. 
Nominated for a Pushcart award in November 2020.

Young, Disabled, And Black: A Response To Solange's recent Diagnosis

January 2018

An article in response to Solange Knowles diagnosis. Yoselin explains her own chronic illness, her activism and how checking in with friends is important.

What Afro-Latinx And Non-Black Latinx Can Do To Fight Anti-Blackness In The Latinx Community

August 2017

Being an Afro-Latina in the U.S. hasn't been easy. Between fighting racism in school, in the workplace and at home, in addition to fighting an identity crisis and validation from both sides, the day-to-day for an Afro-Latino becomes exhausting.


James Baldwin

"To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time."



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